• Fancy Outdoor Hot-tub
    Designed for outdoor use, this hot tub is a firewood stove and set. Naturally, no electricity or boiler is required and you can enjoy a hot bath within two hours. It may take a while, but I think we should be on fire for a while. Made from environmentally friendly stainless steel and British Kebony […]
  • Twist Press
    Various types of coffee makers are emerging. Among them, there are quite a few hand press products that can extract delicious coffee in a short time and have various flavors. Recently, however, a unique press-based coffee maker appeared. Twist Press. It’s a common outdoor coffee maker design, but you can turn the two handles to […]
  • Rental car
    In order to travel properly in Okinawa, I really want to recommend a rental car. You may experience the fortune of meeting a very secret and wonderful destination that is not covered in this book, and you can make the most of your time in minutes, seconds, and seconds.Japan has difficulty in driving because the […]
  • Rest area & Gas station
    There is also a highway in Okinawa, and there is also a rest stop because the distance from the south end to the north end is considerable. I think it’s a pity to think about our highway rest area or the great rest area of ​​the mainland Japan highway, but the Okinawa rest area is […]
  • Salt
    In the middle of the inland where the sea is not in contact with salt, salt may be used, but salt is common everywhere in Okinawa where the sea is at sea. It would not have been difficult to find white and small sodium crystals that could be easily seen on the shores because of […]
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