Twist Press

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Various types of coffee makers are emerging. Among them, there are quite a few hand press products that can extract delicious coffee in a short time and have various flavors. Recently, however, a unique press-based coffee maker appeared. Twist Press.

It’s a common outdoor coffee maker design, but you can turn the two handles to brew coffee at high pressure without straining the cup. The same principle as the conventional aero press supports a variety of extraction methods, and reverse extraction is also possible. Made of BPA-free tritan and polypropylene, it is harmless to humans and durable.

It has a storage capacity to store 3 cups of coffee powder, making it perfect for travel and easy disassembly because of its complete disassembly. The filter is compatible with Aeropress and includes 100 paper filters by default. You can replace it with a metal filter according to your preference. Currently, Kickstarter has successfully funded and will ship in July, with a minimum funding amount of $ 24 to receive the goods.

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